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           named in memory of  Major General Oscar M. Westover 


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Welcome to the Internet home of the Westover Square Club

 In the early 1940ís a group of Masonís from Westover Air Force Base formed the Westover Square
 Club. The name from the group comes from the General for whom Westover Air force base is named,
 Oscar M. Westover.  

 The purpose is to allow networking, information transfer, and general conversation between friends 
  worldwide who share common threads. We are a group of Free and Accepted Masons from around 
  the world who share a desire in Masonry. We feel it is important to all Master Masons who are away 
  from their mother lodges, stationed or working on Westover Air Reserve Base, to have the opportunity
  to meet members of local lodges and work together at being Masons.

 We discuss all aspects of the Gentle Craft, including Ethics, Morality, and Rectitude of Conduct. ALL
 individuals interested in the "path to Light" are welcome. A prerequisite to
becoming a member of the
 General Westover Square Club
requires that an applicant must  have sat in a Lodge with a member
 of the club in good standing,
and said lodge must be one of the lodges recognized by the Grand Lodge
 of Massachusetts. In addition,
applications for membership must be open to all Military personnel
 stationed at Westover Air Reserve Base.  

 If you know of anyone who may have been a member of the Westover Square Club, we would love to 
 hear from them. 

 To find out more you can contact Ronald E. Jackson 413.532.0132  |  rejackson39@juno.com or
 Joseph Zajac 413.592.1957 | joezajac@charter.net
 (click on e-mail addresses to send a message)


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